50 years ago this week: Friday, July 14, 1961

11-YEAR-OLD children from Austria, Britain, Finland, Ghana, Germany, Holland, Japan, Norway and the USA are to spend nearly a month together in part of an English castle.

Two boys and two girls from each of those countries, together with an adult for each group, will form what is known as a Children’s International Summer Village. It will be held from July 28 to August 15 at Alnwick Training College, Alnwick Castle.

The children will work, play and live together under the guidance of a few grown-ups.

It’s the second such camp to be arranged by a small group of people in North East England who are the leaders of the Children’s International Summer Villages’ movement in Britain.

Their president is the Duchess of Northumberland, whose home is Alnwick Castle.

The first English camp was held at Ford Castle, Northumberland, two years ago.

Children from Britain, Denmark, France, West Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden and the USA attended.

A film was made which has been shown in many parts of Britain and overseas.

The CISV movement was started by Dr Doris Allen, a child health authority and psychologist of Cincinatti University.

The idea is that 11-year-olds can do much to spread goodwill around the world.