50 years ago this week: Friday, January 5, 1962

BEADNELL fishermen are keeping their fingers crossed for this month’s meeting of the Northumberland Sea Fisheries Committee.

For the committee will decide whether or not to withhold a promised £300 grant towards the Beadnell harbour repair bill.

The money was to be given on the condition that the harbour entrance complied with the committee’s stipulation that it must be 23 feet wide.

But when the job was done, the fishermen found that an extra six inches had somehow been added.

Because of that, payment was held up until an explanation had been given as to why the harbour entrance had grown half-a-foot.

Now they have found the answer.

They had assumed that the concrete anti-tank blocks used were all the same size.

But they weren’t and that led to an inch here and there being added.

Said 82-year-old Mr Bill Douglas, the fishermen’s spokesman: “The contractors have done a grand job.

“The silting-up process has been halted and the boats can get in and out of the harbour quite easily.”