50 years ago this week: Friday, February 17, 1961

BLOCKS of council houses, tennis courts, a bowling green, recreation centre and provision for two religious denominations are included in a development plan for the popular seaside resort of Seahouses.

Plans to give a new and bigger look to the village are envisaged by Belford Rural Council in a report of a recent meeting between its architect and Northumberland Deputy Planning Officer.

The report, headed ‘Proposed Development, James Street’, calls for the building of 75 council houses of varying size and design as well as for a sectional police station and two police houses. Sites have been set aside for a Roman Catholic church and presbytery and for a Plymouth Bretheren meeting place. Private development is also to be encouraged.

Says a Housing Committee minute: “It was provisionally agreed to recommend that the building of private houses be restricted initially to the ground east of the Roman Catholic church, the architect being instructed as a next step to make application for outline planning permission and to produce costs for services, etc, per square yard”.