50 years ago this week: Friday, April 27, 1962

A DOCTOR’S son who broke his leg playing in a football match on Holy Island on Sunday afternoon was taken 60 miles to Newcastle RVI by an Acklington helicopter on a mercy flight.

The parents of 21-year-old Barty Hair, who was holidaying with his grandmother at Windsor Crescent, Berwick, were on the mainland at Seahouses.

They knew of the accident and saw the helicopter flying south.

They are Dr and Mrs Ross Hair, of Southport, formerly of Chirnside, who are widely known in the area.

The mishap occurred during a goalmouth scrimmage in the match between Berwick Young Farmers and a Holy Island team.

Mr Hair was treated by a Newcastle surgeon Mr W Wyatt, who was holidaying on the island but because the tide was up, it was impossible to take him by ambulance to the mainland.

AN RAF helicopter was called and within 15 minutes had landed on the football field and taken the player aboard.

The game was abandoned with the score 3-3.

Mr Hair completed his studies in farming at Edinburgh University last week and was spending a few days with his grandmother before returning to Southport with his parents.