50 YEARS AGO Friday, September 14, 1962

RAF civilian worker Mr Joe Holland, 42, often wondered why his adopted village of Longhoughton (pop. 550) didn’t have a pub. He talked with old-timers there and found that at one time the place actually could boast of having three inns to its name and that the last one closed more than 80 years ago. After that, it was alleged, the then Duke of Northumberland, owner of the land, had refused to allow any more pubs to open in the village because of past rowdiness. But after more checking, Joe could find nothing to substantiate the legend, so he decided to write to three brewery companies for their views. Now he knows the real reason; the breweries just aren’t interested. Never have been in fact. “Sorry, we think the village is already catered for by nearby public houses,” they said. And that, says Joe, is nonsense.