25 years ago this week: Thursday, May 21, 1986

A TOP-LEVEL inquiry is underway following a fatal plane crash at Brunton airfield near Seahouses on Sunday, which claimed the lives of two RAF servicemen, one of whom had served at RAF Boulmer.

Flight Sergeant Philip William Scott, 31, of Wisemen Road, Elgin, and Corporal Martin Isidore Leitner, 25, died when their Steen Skybolt biplane crashed into nearby woodland seconds after take off, and burst into flames.

The plane had been built by Flt Sgt Scott over a four-year period when he was serving at RAF Boulmer, although at the time of the accident both deceased were stationed at RAF Lossiemouth and it is believed that is where the aircraft was heading when the accident happened.

At the time of the crash, it is believed Flt Sgt Scott was at the controls of the plane, and although help was immediately at hand, efforts to rescue the two men were defeated because of the intense heat created by the burning aircraft.

Within hours of the accident, two investigators from the Department of Transport Accidents Investigation Branch had arrived on the scene, and they stayed almost three days collecting data from the crash site.

One of them, Mr Coghill explained their jobs were to examine the wreckage and try to determine the cause of the accident, in the interests of flight safety. In addition Mr Coghill and his colleague Mr Tony Skinner have been assisting the coroner with his investigations.

The wreckage of the plane was removed from the woods on Tuesday, and it may be taken to Farnborough for further examinations and tests.