25 years ago this week: Thursday, March 12, 1986

GET Carter! That’s the brief of the Mid-Northumberland Tourism Association, which has embarked on a bold mission aimed at pulling one of the biggest names in the world politics to Alnwick.

And it’s not a pipe dream, because the former President of the United States and his wife will be in Newcastle on the date they have pencilled in with the Tyneside-based Friendship Force.

The association has already approached the organisation bodies with a view to bringing him to up to attend the popular Alnwick Castle tournament, organised each year by Alnwick Round Table. Meeting up in the last week, they agreed to produce a package to persuade President Carter to come to Alnwick on July 5 to tie in with the Pastures event, which this year will have the theme of the Wild West.

The idea and theme is one which the Friendship Force’s regional organiser Tony Coates feels would be very attractive to the Carters.

“I will be going to Atlanta on April 1 and will be seeing the Carters entertainments secretary when I will personally discuss the details on the Castle event and the Alnwick package,” said Mr Coates.

Don Bell, the chairman of the Newcastle Friendship Force said: “We will certainly consider the application although at the moment I don’t know whether he could attend or not.

“I’m delighted the Carters are coming to Tyneside and hope that they will be able to see the sites in the area, including Alnwick Castle.”

President Carter will be visiting Newcastle to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Friendship Force first arriving from Atlanta, Georgia.