25 years ago this week: Thursday, July 2, 1987

More than 15,000 people lined the streets of Alnwick on Sunday afternoon to set the 1987 Fair on course for being the most successful in the 18-year history of the event.

And the decision to spread the Fair on to the Bondgate Cobbles appear to have been a good one because from very early on in the day crowds were flocking in to see the new activities.

Although a little cooler than last year, the town’s Round Table was praising the weather because the famous Ox Roast went off without a hitch and Table chairman Stewart Gilbert said: “It’s our best ox yet.”

This was unlike last year when the beast went off during an 80-degree heatwave.

Fair committee chairman Peter Burrow said the Fair Fringe had proven to be very successful in starting the day and bringing more people into the town earlier.