25 years ago this week: Thursday, January 1, 1987

THE youngsters shamed the adults during the Alnwick Dolphins’ annual Boxing Day dip, at Alnmouth Beach, last Friday.

Altogether, about 10 children dipped their toes, and bodies, in the icy waters of the North Sea, while only three adults, including club chairman Graham Luke, ventured forth.

Mr Luke said of the water: “We all used to think the water would be freezing but I believe the temperature in the North Sea never varies by more than about three degree, winter or summer. So it was not too bad, but we all spent longer in The Schooner afterwards than in the sea!”

At 36, Mr Luke was the oldest person to venture into the sea, while eight-year-old Miss Howie from Lesbury was by far the youngest.

The atmosphere at the dip was festive right from the start with over 100 spectators coming along to watch those foolhardy enough to enter the water.

For the adults though, once they left the sea, help was quickly at hand in the form of a bottle of whisky which obligingly found its way onto the beach.