25 years ago this week: Thursday, December 18, 1986

ALNWICK Magistrates’ Court last week declared that Boxing Day is not a special occasion for licensing.

When asked to consider an application from the Schooner Inn at Seahouses for a fancy dress party extension from 11pm to 12am on Boxing Day, the Bench heard strong objections from the police.

Inspector Bruce Elliott said: “The only special occasion in this case is regulars going into the pub in fancy dress”, and he opposed the application.

After hearing from the licensee that he had been granted similar extensions for the past nine years, the Inspector again objected.

Insp Elliott said that the main difficulty was that such applications had previously been granted and set precedents for other licensees to ask for extensions on that day.

“Our view is that Boxing Day in itself is no longer a special occasion”, he added, before the Bench refused the application.

Two further applications for New Year’s events, from The Fourways and The Waterloo in Amble were with-drawn, after magistrates decided last week that it is not a special occasion.