25 years ago this week: Friday, October 3, 1986

A CALL to ban the sale of fireworks was made at a meeting of local safety guardians.

Coun Bob Huggins urged Alnwick District Council’s Home and Leisure Safety Sub-Committee to ask the government to allow fireworks to be sold only to responsible display organisers, who would be licensed by councils.

He was supported by WRVS worker Mrs Joan Pringle, but other members preferred persuasion through publicity.

Last year 968 people nationally were hurt by fireworks – 190 more than the previous year. Most at risk are youngsters under 16 and people in the street.

This year’s safety campaign, by the Department of Trade and Industry, is taking the message to the public through posters, leaflets, television advertisements, booklets for display organisers and software packages for use on school computers.

Laws on air rifles are not to be tightened, the committee has been told, because the Home Office believed existing legislation was adequate.

Though it was not complacent about the number of incidents, it felt they should be set against the several million weapons in use and 1,500 million pellets sold annually.