25 years ago this week: Friday, October 10, 1986

IF ideas contained in a new tourism report are brought into action, Northumberland could soon be operating under the title England’s Border Country.

The title is the brainchild of county planning officer John Lodge, who has produced a special 19-page discussion paper on the development of tourism.

Entitled Making the Most of Tourism, the report is being circulated widely for comments which will be considered at County Hall next month.

And on Tuesday, the County Employment Sub-Committee agreed on the strategy on which future action should be based.

This will involve concentrating on activities which will have the greatest impact on the creating of jobs and measures to attract staying visitors rather than day visitors and where possible increasing business and overseas visitors.

Councillors agreed that priority should be given to marketing the county to encourage visitors from the UK and overseas, and recognise that day visitors play an important part in developing and maintaining the economic viability of many key attractions which are of interest to staying visitors. They also want to increase the occupancy rates in accommodation.