25 years ago this week: Friday, May 23, 1986

THE long arm of the law is out to catch Wooler’s illegal parkers but there’s a “softly, softly” start to the purge.

Next week motorists using the town’s congested High Street will find tickets on their cars asking them to be more considerate in their parking habits.

But if they don’t mend their ways the next ticket could cost them £12 or an appearance before the town’s magistrates.

The clampdown on parking cheats follows a growing number of complaints from shopkeepers, delivery vans, bus drivers and residents about the High Street bottlenecks.

This week Sgt. Alan Smith told the town’s parish council that it was a “difficult problem” which had existed for years but now the police intended to act.

“We have turned a blind eye in the past but because of complaints from many quarters it is time to have a look at the situation to see if we can alleviate it before it gets too bad, especially before the summer season with tourists coming into the town,” he added.

Councillors were told that warning notices will be fixed to all cars, even those parked legally, in the High Street. Motorists will be urged to use the car parks, not to exceed the waiting times and not to park on double yellow lines.