25 years ago this week: Friday, May 2, 1986

JOHN Taylor has just returned home to Swarland from Libya with a sad reminder of that trouble-torn country.

Among his possessions is a photograph of a little Libyan child.

She looks similar to many he has seen playing happily in the street of Tripoli and Benghazi – but for the message the photograph carries: “Kids should never forget my killers – Reagan and Thatcher.”

Every passenger was given a similar photograph when they boarded their planes out of Tripoli. And the message got through to the 52-year-old family man.

He knew it was a propaganda exercise and hasn’t lost sight of the fact that Col. Gaddafi’s regime has been responsible for worldwide terrorism.

But he feels the Americans could have retaliated in a different way – and brough Gaddafi to his knees.

Speaking from his home in Kenmore Road, Mr Taylor told the Gazette: “There were other ways of doing it, other than using guns and rockets. Economic sanctions could have been imposed – that is my view.”

Mr Taylor said that Libya is desperately short of food. People are queuing for bread and there is nothing in the supermarkets. They are living off goat products and what vegetables they can find. The people are starving.