25 years ago this week: Friday, May 16, 1986

TYNEY the three-legged tom cat who disappeared from home at the end of January had a joyful reunion with his owner when he hopped back up the garden path last Friday.

Looking fit, well and none the worse for his three-month absence, two-year-old Tyney was greeted by his surprised owner Ann Marshall, of Hulne Park, Alnwick.

Now she wants to contact the person she thinks must have cared for her pet during the cold winter weeks he was away.

“We were absolutely delighted to see each other again,” said Mrs Marshall, who confesses to being “absolutely potty about cats”.

“He looked so sleek and well fed – he is a great character.”

Tyney’s instinct for survival seems to be his dominant streak.

Last September, after one of his hind legs was shattered in an accident, the valiant moggy dragged himself the mile home and was almost put down by the vet. But he recovered well from the experience and coped well on his remaining three legs.

Mrs Marshall was sure he had gone for good this time, prey for the mink or foxes in the park or maybe caught in a trap.

“We searched everywhere and had everyone looking out for him after he vanished,” she said.