25 years ago this week – Friday, March 7, 1986

A NEW sewage scheme is causing a right ‘stink’ in a Northumberland coastal village.

To the extent that the Department of the Environment has been asked to intervene in a bid to settle the wrangle which has split the Low Hauxley community and delayed the scheme.

Northumbrian Water Authority wants to replace the existing, individual sepctic tank for the 30 homes with a large tank concealed under the beach, in front of the houses, with an outflow to the sea beyond the low water mark.

Some of the villagers say they would prefer the tank and pumping station to be constructed on another site on the outskirts of the village.

But Northumbrian Water Authority says that this would add another £25,000 to the original cost of £120,000 for the scheme.

Major protester, Mr Edwin Thorne, who is also a member of the Parish Council, says: “This is rubbish. The Water Authority is producing bingo figures.”

And to back up his argument for the other site, he has refused to allow the NWA to cross his land to the beach with their pipes.

“Why should we have this in front of our homes when there is another perfectly good site available to them,” said Mr Thorne, whose house faces the beach.