25 years ago this week: Friday, March 14, 1986

LOCAL farmers are offering an amnesty to owners of the killer dogs roaming Alnwick Moor. They will drop proposed legal action in return for the dogs which have savaged their flocks over the last month.

The offer follows the latest attack this week. Police are now hunting two dogs which were disturbed by farmer Willie Allen as they attacked his sheep.

Even before the latest rash of attacks insurance for his flock was prohbitively expensive. Mr Allen now doubts if the NFU would insure him at any price.

At 9pm on Monday Mr Allen checked the fields of his Stoup Hill Farm after hearing unusual noises.

“Two dogs had a bunch of sheep trapped in a corner of a field. One ewe was stuck under a tree root, desperate to escape, as a dog tore into her,” he said.

“I would have shot the dogs if I could have held the torch and the gun at the same time.”

One is thought to be a whippet/greyhound cross with a smooth white coat. The other is brindle-coloured and similar to a retriever.

On returning to the scene next morning the first sheep he came across lay with its throat ripped, hind legs chewed off and with its innards exposed on the grass.