25 years ago this week: Friday, July 4, 1986

BATTLING Belford parents, who are fighting to save their village school have a message for Northumberland County Council – don’t knock the heart out of us.

Despite an unsuccessful attempt to have the decision date brought forward from September the village action group has given them a spelling lesson in survival, which in that part of the county spelt BELFORD.

B stands for the belief that Belford Middle School has a central influence on village life.

E is for educational continuity in formative years with good foundation and an introduction to secondary specialisation.

L is for the law-abiding people who live in the village and the role the school has in keeping it that way.

F is for financial input to promote industrial growth which would be wasted if the school closed.

O is for the ordinary working people who live there with only seven per cent working outside the area.

R is for the rural values and needs that are important to both parents and children.

D is for the distance of travelling which would be kept to a reasonable level by retaining the school.