Northumberland memories: Trips to the roller disco, a visit from the 'pop man' and swimming in the sea

What’s the one thing you always tell your children they’ll never understand about your younger days?

Thursday, 10th March 2022, 3:42 pm

Well, today we’re reliving those fond memories of camping trips in the county’s great countryside, swimming in the North Sea or taking a dip in the river and a trip to your favourite pub.

There’s nothing more comforting than a trip down memory lane, and Northumberland Gazette readers have been telling stories from their past for this week’s Throwback Thursday.

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Doorstep deliveries of fish, milk, pop, videos and more, meeting your mates for hours-long bike rides and bus trips to the pub form just some of your stories – and we have loved reliving these moments with you.

Visit our Facebook page here to add your own memories to our post. Here are some tales from your younger days.

Jean Birdsall: “The Viking, but going back further - The Dolphin!”

Kevin Carlton: “The half past 4 buzzer at Ashington pit when the workshops finished.”

Gazette readers have been sharing their fondest memories of growing up across Northumberland.

Wendy Casson: “Muters pop van every Friday.”

Sarah Elliott: “Going for a walk or a bike ride for how ever long it took, sometimes we were out the whole day.”

Stuart Frizzel: “Catching crabs in the rocks when the tide went out on the beach at Beadnell outside Nana’s café/house.”

Darren Ducky Gray: “The baker’s van that went around the Coquet Valley villages.”

Lynsey Fawcus: “The Chocolate Soldier sweet shop where Carlo’s is now.”

Louise Little: “Finding empty pop bottles from Muters so we could get the 5p refund on the bottle.”

Suzanne Mole Leck: “Getting dunked at Alnwick Fair. Sledging all day and night. Playing tennis at the tennis courts next to the police station in Alnwick.”

Paul Pringle: “On the rare occasion we caught one large enough - selling crabs and lobsters to the ice cream van man at Craster.”

Harry Rutherford: “A night out in Warkworth. Two pubs worthy of note. The Hermitage where they had a dance, but the beer was so-so. The Masons where the beer was really good.”

Vic Thompson: “Ashington Roller Disco. I absolutely loved the Roller Disco days … speed skating round in a chain, fuelled by fizzy Ribena.”

Michele Whitewick: “The Viking disco, getting the bus from the Bird and Bush in Alnwick to Seahouses.”

Paul Yeadon: “The milkman delivering bottles of pop.”

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