Merlins Brew, Mivvi and Zoom: 11 retro ice creams and lollies YOU want back for World Ice Cream Day

The recent sunshine and summer weather has sent us all running to the nearest ice cream van – or freezer, if working from home – for a sneaky treat to cool us down.

Wednesday, 13th July 2022, 11:47 am

With World Ice Cream Day upon us this month (Sunday, July 17), it’s time to celebrate the icy delights enjoyed by hungry punters of all ages across the North East and beyond.

Whether you scream for the creamy decadence of an ice cream cornet or crave the cooling power of a fruit-flavoured lolly, shoppers are lucky to have so many options when it comes to choosing their favourite.

Across the North East, we’re quite happy to tuck into an ice cream at the beach whether the sun is shining or not.

World Ice Cream Day is on July 17 - so we've been asking about your favourite childhood ice creams and lollies! Back to 1935 for this great Walls Ice Cream shot. Picture: David Savill/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images.

But our fondest memories will definitely be of those summer days spent with a sticky cone, tub or lolly stick left in hand.

To that end, we asked our readers to take a trip down memory lane to shout out their favourite childhood ice creams which are no longer – or rarely – found in shops, ice cream parlours or in vans.

From blocks of ice cream in square cones to fruit juice lollies, here are 11 of the region’s favourites:

Tucking into an icy treat in June 1950. Picture: Norman Vigars/Fox Photos/Getty Images.

Cider lolly

You can still get various takes on the old-fashioned cider lollies, but they’re just not the same as the ones we all remember from childhood, in the paper wrapper. A grown-up treat!

Haunted House

It was just SO much more exciting to have your ice cream on a stick instead of in a cone – and with a creepy character on it to boot!


This Wall’s classic had all of the good stuff – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla AND a cute shape?! We’re sold!

Lord Toffingham

For those with a seriously sweet tooth. Banana, chocolate and a moreishly sweet chunk of toffee in the centre. Bring them back!

Merlins Brew

Manufactured by Lyons Maid, the chocolate and mint combination was (and still is) a big winner! And what’s not to love about Merlin and his owl companion on the wrapper.


You can’t beat a classic fruit split – and Mivvi had it right with their bright-coloured fruit ice coating and creamy centre.

Orange Maid

The drink on a stick! And couldn’t we all do with one of these OG thirst-quenchers with the warm weather we’ve been having?

Rum Raisin Choc Ice

Shout out to the Old Jamaica and Midnight Mint choc ices from Wall’s. The adult-only rum and raisin flavour was still a real favourite with some of our Facebook followers. Taste of the tropics!

Wall’s square ice cream blocks and cones

How about a blast from the past with these? There was something SO aesthetically pleasing about this square cone with its perfectly-shaped block inside. Some also fondly remembered the wafer ice cream sandwiches.


Now for the toffee-flavoured psychedelic-looking lolly with a cult following. There ARE variations on the Zzapp still available in some supermarkets, but none hold a candle to the original favourite.


Similar to the Zzapp, there are various versions of Rocket ice lollies on the shelves these days. But the original banana, raspberry and strawberry combo will always have our hearts.