What Gazette readers said about changing packaging to help people make healthier food choices

As Lidl announces it will be taking cartoon characters off it’s own-brand cereals, Gazette readers have had their say on making healthier food choices.

Monday, 6th January 2020, 5:08 pm
Bowl of cereal
Bowl of cereal

Although 67% of 591 people think companies need to do more to encourage families to make healthier choices while shopping, the majority don’t seem to think a cartoon character on a box makes that much difference.

The supermarket has said by spring it will have removed all cartoon characters from their own-brand cereal boxes in a bid to tackle the country's growing childhood obesity crisis.

But readers say the issue falls to the parents to make better decisions.

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And a lot of people have argued that it is the adults doing the shopping and they won’t be swayed by a fun-looking cartoon character on the box anyway.

While most say more should be done to encourage healthier eating, it doesn’t sound like Echo readers think changing the characters on the cereal box is the way to go.

Here’s what Gazette readers have said:

Laura Hayter Mathews: “It is not the shops responsibility to parent our children...”

Lynne Risely-Bedford: “Porridge in winter with a spoonful of cod liver oil before hand for us!”

Ian Parks: “If cartoon characters are such a major influence on children's choices, why not put them on the "healthy" cereals?”

Betty Henderson: “They need to remove all plastic as well.”

Alan Knighting: “What have cartoon characters to do with making healthy options while one is shopping?”