Charity invites more people to join dementia support groups in Northumberland

The Royal Voluntary Service is inviting more people to attend the charity’s Living Well With Dementia groups throughout Northumberland.

By Joshua Wright
Tuesday, 15th February 2022, 2:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 15th February 2022, 2:35 pm

The weekly sessions are designed to support people with mild to moderate dementia or cognitive impairment.

People living with dementia and their carers are invited to participate in a range of stimulating and purposeful activities that promote good physical health and mental wellbeing, such as crafts, cookery, nature-based activities, games, puzzles and gentle exercise sessions. All whilst maintaining their socialising skills.

A key part of the weekly groups is Cognitive Stimulation Therapy. This is a discussion-based group session that’s designed to be good fun, whilst also stimulating and challenging the brain, which can have a host of benefits for people with dementia.

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Members of the club partake in a cooking activity.

The Royal Voluntary Service is currently inviting more people living with dementia, and their carers, to join groups in Berwick, Alnwick and Cramlington.

With the help of the Covid-19 Support Fund, Royal Voluntary Service has been able to invest in its invaluable dementia support offering.

The charity is opening 25 new services and is expanding and enhancing 30 services across Britain, including Northumberland. Help from the Covid-19 Support Fund is allowing the charity to support more people with dementia and their carers than ever before.

Individuals living with dementia can often feel loneliness and isolation due to the disability. And more often than not the individuals and patients living with dementia can report symptoms of depression and in some cases anxiety.

The group gathers for a session.

Margaret Facey, service manager for Royal Voluntary Service in Northumberland said: “Often they [attendees of the group] say that they don’t know what they’d do without our support.

"If you feel that your loved one could benefit from attending a group then please do get in touch, we are looking forward to welcoming some new members.

"Similarly, if you are a carer for a loved one with dementia and feel that you could benefit from meeting other carers and receiving advice and support where needed, we’d love to see you in our groups too.”

To find out more about joining one of Royal Voluntary Service’s Living Well With Dementia groups in Northumberland, ring Margaret Facey on 07500033349 or email [email protected]