2023 patient survey results for north and south Northumberland.2023 patient survey results for north and south Northumberland.
2023 patient survey results for north and south Northumberland.

NHS GP patient survey 2023: Northumberland's GP practice groups ranked according to patient ratings

NHS patients in Northumberland have reported mixed satisfaction ratings for local GP surgeries, according to the latest GP Patient Survey.

Produced by Ipsos on behalf of NHS England, the 2023 survey asked people across the UK what they think about their local GP practice.

It surveyed 2.7 million people between January and April 2023 and had a response rate of 29%.

The results show 14.2% of respondents were unhappy with the overall experience provided by their local doctor’s surgery, the highest rate in six years.

71.3% had a positive experience of their GP surgery, saying their overall experience was either ‘very good’ or ‘fairly good’, the lowest rate in six years. 14.5% said their experience was ‘neither good nor bad’.

Dr Richard van Mellaerts, the British Medical Association’s England GP committee deputy chair, said GP practices were struggling to cope with demand.

He said: “These findings are, despite the huge pressures practices are under, testament to the hard work, professionalism and dedication of GPs and their teams.

“This survey is proof positive that the problems in general practice today lie squarely on the shoulders of a government that refuses to invest properly in the health service, and not on GPs or practice staff who are going above and beyond to ensure patients are getting the care they deserve.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Care said: “Appointments are already on the rise, and we recently announced £240 million of support to practices across the UK to embrace the latest technology, tackle the 8am rush, and make it easier for patients to see their GP.”

Here are the north and south Northumberland GP surgery groups ranked from the highest percentage of positive ratings for the overall experience to the lowest.