Majority of readers want stricter rules on junk food advertising

A new NHS report says 26% of men and 29% of women are obese, while over 56% of adults risk chronic disease due to their weight. The Obesity Health Alliance is urging new regulations.

Thursday, 5th December 2019, 11:32 am
The Obesity Health Alliance wants new regulations on junk food advertising.

So we asked in our Facebook poll: “Do you think the next Government should bring in new guidelines to restrict the marketing of junk food?”

At the time of writing 336 people had voted with 63% saying yes, 37% no.

Betty Henderson said: “People should not be told what to eat, but I think they should be made aware of the concept of bad eating.”

Joanna Lisa Todd’s thoughts were: “When a salty, fatty ready meal costs 65p, and fresh ingredients cost over ten times as much in money and more in time, some people will always choose the easy option no matter how detrimental to health.

But Carl Johnson replied: “What microwave meal costs 65p? I guarantee you I could make any of the meals you find for cheaper. Its convenience/laziness/lack of skills that cause people to choose ready meals. Bring back cookery in schools.”

Lesley Evans said: “Why does the government need to tell people what to eat or not eat? It's up to the individual what they put in their mouths.”

Richard Abbott-Brailey said: “People should be able to figure this out for themselves. Less of the nanny state, please.”

Lily Oak Hannington said: “If people want to eat and drink themselves to death, let them.”