Gazette readers have mixed opinions on banning vaping

In a recent poll, the majority of Gazette readers voted in favour of banning vaping but their comments show mixed thoughts.

By Faye Dixon
Thursday, 14th November 2019, 10:31 am
Updated Sunday, 24th November 2019, 12:38 am

This news comes from a warning from cardiologists that action should be taken to prevent people becoming addicted to nicotine following research suggesting vaping could damage the brain, heart, blood vessels and lungs.

Experts have claimed that young people must not be allowed to get hooked on e-cigarettes, as vaping rates continue to rise.

On Wednesday, November 13, in a Facebook poll we asked you: “Do you think vaping should be banned?”

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Out of the 761 readers who voted, 70% said yes while 30% said no.

Denis Tweddle said: “Vaping is becoming a huge problem. It should only be available on prescription to help people to give up smoking.”

Julie Riseborough argued: “Vaping is probably better than smoking for people who have been smoking tobacco products. Truly sad that one young guy nearly died but there are lots of people that have allergies/sensitivities to all sorts of chemicals, natural or manufactured. Lots of people could die from eating cheese/nuts etc but I don't see crowds of people trying to ban those products, suppliers are required to warn consumers of the potential for harm so the same rules need to be applied.”

Caz Rae said: “Anything one inhales into the body is bound not to be good for some. E-cigarettes were supposed to be for those wanting to give up smoking, not acquire the habit of e-cigarettes which could then lead to smoking. There are better methods on the market to giving up, which have been shown to be effective. E-cigarettes do NOT break the habit of putting something into the mouth, and part of giving up smoking is giving up that habit - patches and gum are a far better method.”

Alan Goodall questioned: “Why not ban smoking as well? Much more damaging than vaping.”

Graeme Appleby argued: “I guess the big problem is controlling exactly what goes into vaping liquid.”

Peter Cannon said: “Not banned but make users more aware of the risks.”

Betty Henderson added: “The smell from some of them is horrendous.”