Fitness fan sets up mobile sports massage and pilates service to help get Northumberland moving 'with comfort and ease'

An exercise enthusiast is on a mission to get rural Northumberland moving like a well-oiled machine after leaving her desk-bound job to launch a mobile sports massage and pilates service.

Monday, 4th July 2022, 11:22 am

Rosie Frater, 33, of Wooler, is never happier than when she’s out exercising – whether it's running ultramarathons, taking exercise classes, or simply walking with her border collie Took in her beloved Cheviot hills.

And after months in front of a computer working from home during the pandemic, she decided to turn her passion into a business, qualifying as both a Level 3 sports massage practitioner and a pilates instructor.

Rosie, who grew up on her family’s farm south of Berwick, explained how moving back to north Northumberland after spells studying and working in Newcastle and Manchester helped her spot a gap in the market.

Rosie Frater has set up a mobile sports massage and pilates service to help bring therapies and fitness classes to rural Northumberland.

“Rural Northumberland is such a wonderful place to live. The scenery is stunning and there’s a great sense of community,” she said.

“But one drawback is the distance people have to travel to access some services - and that includes health therapies and leisure facilities.

“It’s hard enough to get motivated to exercise some days, never mind if you have the added hurdle of driving 20 miles to get to a class.

“Equally, if you’re suffering aches and pains you keep meaning to see someone about, it doesn’t help if you have to drive for half an hour after making an appointment.

Rosie offering post-treatment exercise advice to a client.

“That’s where I come in – I bring it all to you.”

Since launching her business in the spring, Rosie has treated clients for everything from sports injuries to aches and pains, and set about founding pilates classes at village halls across north Northumberland.

“I’ve had a great response so far,” she said. “My massage clients include semi-professional footballers, runners, people who want help managing pain, and those who just want a body tune-up.

“It’s also been lovely to see groups enjoying pilates, and I’ve had some great feedback, particularly from people who say it’s brilliant not having to drive 15 miles just to go to an exercise class.”

Rosie Frater has set up a mobile sports massage and pilates service to help bring therapies and fitness classes to rural Northumberland.

For massage therapies, Rosie brings the whole service to clients’ homes, rocking up with her massage table, sheets, towels wax and lotion.

“I travel roughly half an hour from Wooler, but I do travel further if I can book in multiple clients on the same day in a similar location,” she said.

“If people prefer to come to me, however, I do have a therapy room at home.”

She added: “I appreciate that for some people, seeing a massage therapist can be a bit daunting, but I work hard to make sure people are at ease.

Rosie running in the hills.

“I send out pre-massage information sheets so people know what to expect and how to prepare for the treatment, and an-after massage care sheet. And I always check in the next day to see how they are faring.”

Rosie also uses her pilates skills to provide prescriptive exercises for massage clients to help bring them continued benefits after treatment.

She said: “Pilates helps keep your joints and back happy, as well as strengthening, toning and increasing flexibility. It's great for mental health and body awareness.”

For more information or to book a session, visit Rosie Frater Pilates & Massage on Facebook, call 07773 424423 or email [email protected]