Will you wear a mask after July 19? Northumberland Gazette readers have their say

Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed at a press conference that a legal requirement to wear face coverings will be lifted in line with step 4 of the Government’s roadmap.

Monday, 5th July 2021, 6:06 pm

At present, face coverings must be worn in a number of settings in England – unless a person has a valid exemption – including on public transport, in shops and before being seated in hospitality venues.

From step four there will be no legal requirement to wear them – although guidance will suggest people might choose to do so in “enclosed and crowded places”.

We asked if you would continue to wear one, if voluntary, after Freedom Day.

Here are some of your comments from the Northumberland Gazette Facebook page:

Phil Hopper: “No, how can it be a "personal choice" when it's everyone else who is affected?”

Rebecca Oman: “Yes, for the sake of the children some babies and toddlers haven’t seen others without a mask, and normality has to come back for children.”

Readers have been sharing their views on the use of face coverings after 'Freedom Day' on July 19. Picture: Oli Scarff /AFP via Getty Images.

Paul Blair: “For the safety of shop workers, public transport workers and others working with the public masks should stay.”

Edna Dowson: “I prefer having the freedom to make a sensible choice.”

Betty Henderson: “No. It protects others. I won't feel safe in a shop if others stop wearing them.”

John Laws: “No, if not for you but out of respect for others.”

Leanda Grieve: “It’s going to be around forever, we might as well just get on with it without all this palaver.”

Julie Sandford: “I’m not bothered but still think I’ll wear mine on the bus and in the shops. Think they have worked against a number of other things, colds and bugs.”

David Bland: “It should be personal choice for people.”

Bethany Corkindale: “Time to crack on and live with it.”

David Potts: “Remember it's not about 'you', it's about 'us'.”

Elaine Godber: “No. It protects others more than ourselves, and if people wear them when in close proximity or indoors it will continue to lessen the spread.”

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