The Canary Islands government has pledged to cover the costs if UK residents catch coronavirus on holiday

The policy covers all tourists who visit the Canary Islands (Photo: Shutterstock)
The policy covers all tourists who visit the Canary Islands (Photo: Shutterstock)

The regional government on the Canary Islands has offered to pay coronavirus-related costs for tourists who contract the virus while visiting.

Over the past few weeks, thousands of holidaymakers have cancelled trips to the archipelago after the announcement of a mandatory quarantine period for all travellers returning to the UK from Spain - including the islands.

The new policy is designed to encourage tourists back to the popular spot, where the economy relies heavily on the thousands of holidaymakers that descend on its beaches each year.

What happens if I catch coronavirus in the Canary Islands?

All medical expenses will be covered, alongside any quarantine charges and accommodation fees caused by extended stays, though sufferers must be staying in tourist accommodation.

The policy - the first of its kind in Spain - will also cover repatriation costs. The policy is invalid, however, for any cases of coronavirus known about before the date of travel to the Canary Islands. It has been reported that the new policy will run for the next 12 months, and covers all tourists who visit the islands.

The Canary Islands’ Regional Tourism Minister Yaiza Castilla, told The Mirror, “We have once again shown we are a leader when it comes to health security and taken another step in the fight against coronavirus.

“The insurance policy we’ve subscribed covers all tourists who come to our islands. It means all holidaymakers, Spanish or foreign, can have any costs related to coronavirus covered, whether it be for medicines, repatriation or costs linked to any quarantine.

“It’s the result of an agreement with the multinational insurance specialist AXA.”

Battling for place on air corridor list

Castilla also said, “We are the first autonomous community which will guarantee travel cover for Covid-19. We believe this will definitely help the islands’ economic recovery.”

The Canary Islands have also been battling to be added to the UK's 'air corridor' list, arguing that cases there are low enough to ensure safe travel.

Currently, the UK government is advising against "all but essential" travel to all parts of Spain, owing to a spike in the North Eastern regions of the mainland.