Covid-19 infection rates in Berwick constituencyCovid-19 infection rates in Berwick constituency
Covid-19 infection rates in Berwick constituency

Covid-19 infection rates reveal north-south divide in Northumberland

The latest Covid-19 statistics reveal a north-south divide within Northumberland.

Figures show council wards in the urban south of the county generally have higher infection rates than rural areas to the north and west.

Northumberland’s highest rate is in Bedlington East, where 14 positive Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in the past week and there is an infection rate of 298.5 per 100,000.

In contrast, the infection rate in Haydon and Hadrian is 22.8.

A similar pattern can be seen within the Berwick parliamentary constituency.

The highest is Longhorsley at 171.7 whereas Berwick East is 20.7.

There are now six wards in the constituency with infection rates above the England national average of 54.77.

The data from Public Health England published by Northumberland County Council is for the past seven days up to September 30.

Data is not available for low infection rate areas including Rothbury, Longhoughton, Wooler and Berwick West with Ord.

Here are the latest figures for 11 wards in the Berwick constituency….