Here's how to stay cool while wearing a face mask in hot weather

It's important to stay cool while wearing your mask in the hot weather (Photo: Shutterstock)
It's important to stay cool while wearing your mask in the hot weather (Photo: Shutterstock)

Many parts of the UK have been roasting in the summer heat - making mask-wearing hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.

Now that face masks are compulsory in several settings, it's important to find ways to stay as comfortable as possible while wearing one in summer.

Choose breathable material

There are several different kinds of face mask on offer, but some are more breathable than others, making them easier to wear while it's hot.

The thin, surgical blue masks chosen by many offer good protection from the virus, but are not particularly breathable or suitable for hot weather.

More breathable materials include cotton or even bamboo. One downside to cotton masks, however, is that they can absorb fluid like sweat and become damp throughout the day. It may be advisable to carry a spare with you on hot days.

Just as you do with clothes, you should consider what colour to wear on a hot day. White masks will make you a lot less hot and bothered than black masks, which absorb the sun's heat.

Stay hydrated

Wearing a mask can make you forget one of the most important ways of staying cool - drinking water.

Make sure to always keep a bottle handy on a hot day. It's fine to remove your mask to drink, but you should sanitise your hands before taking it off, and try to only remove it when you're a safe distance from others.

However tempting it may be, it's not advisable to get your mask wet, as this can compromise its effectiveness.

Shake up your skin routine

Make-up can make you sweatier, so try to avoid wearing any under your mask.

Instead, you should wear sunscreen and a water-based moisturiser, as you can still be susceptible to UV rays under a mask.

Practice sun safety

All the usual precautions you take on a sunny day - such as staying in the shade to avoid overheating and wearing sunscreen - should be practiced to stay cool on a hot day.

Try to plan your day around doing activities when it is cooler, avoiding the midday sun.

A handheld fan could also help to keep you cool.