Balance's 'Alcohol is Toxic' campaign highlights regional deaths data

Sue Taylor, head of alcohol policy for Balance.Sue Taylor, head of alcohol policy for Balance.
Sue Taylor, head of alcohol policy for Balance.
Almost 500 adults in the North East are dying each year from cancers due to alcohol.

The figures have been revealed as part of a new campaign that is being launched by Balance called ‘Alcohol is Toxic’.

Supported by Cancer Research UK and local authorities, it warns that alcohol can be a direct cause of seven types of cancer – including bowel, breast, liver throat and mouth cancer – especially if people are regularly drinking above the Chief Medical Officers’ guidelines

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The campaign follows the journey of alcohol through the body, mutating cells and leading to the formation of a tumour. It has been developed with input from doctors to depict the evidence on how alcohol increases the risk of developing cancer.

Sue Taylor, head of alcohol policy for Balance, said: “We are encouraging people in the North East to cut down to reduce their risks of cancer and other conditions such as heart disease and stroke.

“If you are concerned about how much you are drinking, taking more drink free days and finding out more about units are simple ways to cut down.

“There is a lot of support in the region for people who are struggling with alcohol.”

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As well as the annual deaths data (483) for the North East, up to 1,640 men every two years and up to 1,580 women every two years are diagnosed with an alcohol-related cancer in the region.

People are being encouraged to go to to find free advice and tools to cut down and links to local alcohol support services.