Shiver me timbers! What a treasure

Ahoy me hearties, and check out this new treasure which is proving a hit with children.

By David Sedgwick
Friday, 30th April 2021, 9:00 am
Stead Lane Primary School's new play area pirate ship.
Stead Lane Primary School's new play area pirate ship.

Stead Lane Primary School, in Bedlington, has built a new pirate ship playground for pupils to enjoy before, after and during the school day.

The structure was built during the Easter holidays as a surprise for the children on their return and has become an instant hit.

Each year group has had time playing on it, with the playgroound designed to challenge the youngsters, learn to manage risk and explore new environments.

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One pupil enjoying the new new play area pirate ship.

Headteacher Reuben Anderson said that after the children had spent so long in lockdown, as well as learning from home, it was great to see them enjoying something new.

He said: “We’re really excited about our new pirate ship playground addition.

"I think sometimes there can be a lot of pressure on schools to remove any possible item that a child might hurt themselves on.

"However, I genuinely think that it’s really important that we give our children opportunities to explore new environments, physically challenge themselves and learn to manage risk.

"I think this is an important part of learning.

"Our children had to keep indoors during lockdown for so long, it’s now lovely to see them playing together with their school friends.

"As the restrictions ease further we’ll hopefully be able to do more of the school activities we’ve been used to over the years.”

The attraction has also received a positive welcome from parents, who have been delighted to see their children enjoying it.

Mr Anderson added: “We managed to get it built during the Easter holidays so it was a really nice surprise for the children to return to

"It was a complete surprise for the children and they've been blown away by it.

"Each year group has thoroughly enjoyed playing on it.

"We thought that after two weeks of playing on it, they wouldn't have been as bored on it but they're still as keen as the first day.

"It's been very nice for them to have something to enjoy and play on together after being in lockdown for so long.

"We had many positive comments from the parents – but they're a bit too big to play on it!”