School holidays in England: North East families have their say on how children's time off should change

As work continues elsewhere in the UK on possible reforms to the school day and year, we asked North East families for their views on England’s school holidays.

Friday, 25th March 2022, 12:02 pm

The Welsh Government is carrying out work to potentially change the structure of school holidays to bring them more in line with families' employment committments and personal lives.

Any changes made in Wales will also look to bridge inequalities in the education sector and support staff wellbeing.

Families across the North East have been having their say on the school holidays - and if or how they should change. Picture: Nathan Stirk/Getty Images.

Would you prefer to see a shorter break in the summer, or more flexibility with when you can take your children out of school?

We asked for your views on restructuring the school holidays, and whether or not they should be spread more evenly across the year.

This is what you had to say on our social media pages:

Sheila Scott: “Yes l think the kids should get more weeks off in the winter months.”

Gail Cruise: “I think I'd like to see shorter summer holidays, those are long days for kids who are not on vacation somewhere, and their parents have to work. I'd also like to see grace time for kids who can only go away when parents are able to get time off work too.”

James Summerson-Hollywood: “No, but I do think staggered start and finish times should be implemented again to save congestion on the roads, build-up of parents’ cars outside schools.”

Bob Scarlett: “The traditional six-week school summer holiday has much to commend it. For one thing, it covers that time in the year when the weather is generally good and children can comfortably go out of doors and get some sun and exercise.”

Jackie Wallace: “Gives travel companies even more license to put up prices for other weeks in the year.”

Nicola Somerville: “No, staff need the six weeks so they actually get a rest. People forget staff work during holidays so two weeks off may in reality be one week off.”

Catherine Blythe: “Yes, childcare for six straight weeks is so difficult when both parents work especially if neither can get annual leave during that time.”

Shirley McQuillan: “If it isn't broke don’t fix it.”

Laura Young: Teachers work half of every holiday if they were spread out more teachers wouldn’t ever get a proper break or rest.”

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