Parking restrictions set to be changed after school bus gets parking ticket

Parking restrictions outside Glendale Middle School are set to be amended to allow school buses to pick up and drop off pupils.

Monday, 30th December 2019, 6:00 am
Glendale Middle School

Yellow zig zag lines were painted outside the school gates on Brewery Road in September to improve safety and reduce congestion but a bus operator received a parking ticket.

After weeks of discussions with the school and local councillors, Northumberland County Council has agreed the way forward.

Coun Mark Mather, chairman of Wooler Parish Council, said the council has now agreed the signage.

“They are also changing the times on the yellow zigzag area for when it’s enforced so the school bus can load and unload without getting a ticket. It’s been frustrating but hopefully it should be all cleared up soon.”At a previous meeting, he revealed Glen Valley Tours had received a parking ticket.