Nine excluded from schools for sexual misconduct

Exclusions for sexual misconduct at schools in Northumberland have risen, new figures reveal.

By Patrick Jack
Friday, 9th April 2021, 2:04 pm
Sexual misconduct school exclusions rise
Sexual misconduct school exclusions rise

Department for Education figures show Northumberland schools excluded students nine times for sexual misconduct in 2018-19 – all temporarily.

This was an increase on two the previous year – with seven in secondary schools and two in primaries.

The exclusions were among 3,588 in the county’s schools during 2018-19 – 3,509 of which were fixed, and 79 permanent.

Nationally, there were 1,972 sexual misconduct exclusions – which include incidents of sexual abuse, sexual bullying and sexual harassment – a 13% drop on the year before.

The figures come after the Government announced an immediate review into sexual abuse in schools in the wake of the allegations and 14,000 testimonies on the Everyone’s Invited website, where pupils can anonymously share their experiences of abuse and assault.

Some students have accused their establishments of not tackling a “rape culture”.

The charity Rape Crisis said the figures do not show the true scale of sexual abuse inside schools.

Katie Russell, national spokeswoman for the charity, added: "We’ve known for a number of years about the high prevalence and serious impacts of sexual violence and abuse in schools."

A Government spokeswoman said: “Where schools do not meet the strict safeguarding standards that we have in place, we will take swift action and we will always back headteachers to remove a pupil from the classroom where this creates a calm and disciplined environment.

“We would encourage anyone who is aware of any specific incidents.”