Berwick pupils prove their maths prowess on a national stage

A class of Year 4 pupils from a Berwick first school have come second in a national maths competition – beating off older children from more than 3,700 other schools.

Holy Trinity First School students.
Holy Trinity First School students.

The eight and nine-year-olds from Holy Trinity First School were taking part in England Rocks 2021 where children race against the clock to answer questions which test their times tables abilities.

Headteacher Nicholas Shaw said: “We are so proud of our Class 5 who came second place in the whole of England as the second highest school in the England Rocks, Times Tables Rock Stars, National Competition.

"It was even more impressive as the competition was for primary school children so our Year 4 children were mainly competing against Year 6 children from other schools.”

The competition involved 3,700 primary schools and 300 secondaries; over 30,000 classes and 390,000 pupils who together answered an amazing total of 248,381,477 questions correctly.