The Hatch catering business in Berwick gaining support

There is a tasty new addition to the catering business options in the Berwick area.
The Hatch is operated by Neisha Inglis.The Hatch is operated by Neisha Inglis.
The Hatch is operated by Neisha Inglis.

The Hatch has initially been set-up in a small catering trailer. Operated by Neisha Inglis, it is open most weekdays from noon to 2pm, offering a range of home-made food.

It is located in Tweedmouth at the Smartfix car park next to Doves. The Smartfix shop is run by Neisha’s husband Richard Inglis.

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They have taken on a unit next to Smarfix and there are plans to run The Hatch from there and employ staff. They are also planning to go along to local food festivals.

The lemon chicken after it is cooked.The lemon chicken after it is cooked.
The lemon chicken after it is cooked.

Neisha is juggling this with her part-time involvement at Neisha Inglis Aesthetics in Berwick town centre.

She said: “We have been in the food industry before and saw an opportunity – initially with the trailer and then with the unit – to go back into the industry and hopefully run something that will work in the long-term.

“We’re pleased with the positive comments from the public so far and quite a few people are joining our Facebook page each week.

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“It’s early days so at the moment it’s building up our offering and seeing how things go. One thing I’m doing is adding something different each week and see how well it is received.

“Our cheese toasties, stovies and lemon chicken and chorizo baguette are just a few of the items on the menu that are proving popular with our customers.”

For up-to-date menu and opening days information, go to The Hatch’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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