Should the Boxing Day sales be put on hold for another 24 hours? Northumberland customers agree to another day off

Should our shop workers get another day’s holiday?

Thursday, 26th December 2019, 6:08 pm
Narrowgate in Alnwick, where shoppers can find a host of stores to visit.

We asked if retailers should take Boxing Day as an additional holiday, with 87% of the 2,800 who voted backing the idea at the time of writing.

Among those to voice their views was Christian Hennell, who said: “I work in a warehouse that supplies a high street retailer who opens on Boxing Day, I think it's disgusting and absolutely refuse to go to any shop on Boxing Day.

“No one in retail should have to work, so hats off and a big well done to the retailers who have chosen to give their staff the day off, and two fingers to the ones who are open.”

Denise Myers added: “All shops should be closed on Boxing Day to give the staff time off with their families.

“Christmas is about families and when I was growing up shops closed and we managed, what we hadn't got we did without.”

Angie Sherwood suggested: “If small independent shops want to open and the boss does the work themselves, then fair enough.

”I don't believe anyone in retail should have to work Boxing Day.”

But Gina Bridgman said: “People should have a choice and get paid extra if they work on a holiday.”

Simon Brian Jobson said: “As long as staff aren't forced to work, and get paid extra for doing so, I can't see the problem with shops being open.”