Northumberland maltsters announce £9.8m profit thanks to increase in sales

Simpsons Malt has revealed it made a profit of nearly £10million in 2019 thanks to an increase in sales.

Monday, 9th March 2020, 4:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th March 2020, 12:44 pm
Simpsons Malt in Berwick.
Simpsons Malt in Berwick.

The Berwick-based family firm delivered a profit before tax of £9.8million (2018: £7.5million) and an increased turnover of £168million (2018: £156.6million).

One of the key reasons behind the increase in both profit and turnover was a rise in malt sales volumes through increased plant utilisation.

The company’s unique and well-invested infrastructure – it also has agricultural merchanting divisions McCreath, Simpson & Prentice (MSP) and John Guthrie - ensured that the malting business secured sufficient raw material following an extremely difficult 2018 harvest to deliver a supply of high quality malt throughout 2019.

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The merchanting business also performed well as it continues to benefit from the company’s integrated supply chain, delivering strong farm input sales of fertiliser, seed grain and agrochemicals during the first half of 2019.

The company continued investment in infrastructure throughout 2019 at its two sites in Tweedmouth – where the company is headquartered – and Tivetshall St Margaret in Norfolk, with capital expenditure of £3.3million (2018: £2.9million).

Simpsons Malt managing director Tim McCreath said: “We’re delighted with the performance of the company over the last 12 months with both our malting and merchanting divisions reporting increased contributions.

“Looking ahead to 2020, malt demand in both the distilling and brewing sectors continues to be strong and the prospects for the malting business remain positive.

“The merchanting business faces challenges due to weather patterns in the autumn of 2019 and currently.

“However, the company’s infrastructure should allow us to mitigate those challenges and enable this side of the business to deliver another positive contribution.”

Founded in 1862, Simpsons Malt is an independent, fifth-generation family-owned business.

The company’s passion is a focus on making malts with taste, flavour and consistently high quality with the world’s best brewers and distillers in mind, helping them to craft the finest beers and whiskies.

From grain to glass, the company’s malts are certified and fully traceable, produced only from 100%, certified seeds of the finest UK two-row barley that have been procured from farming partners across England and Scotland.