MP urged to help businesses facing dramatic rising costs

Waseem Mir, manager of Harbour View in Seaton Sluice.Waseem Mir, manager of Harbour View in Seaton Sluice.
Waseem Mir, manager of Harbour View in Seaton Sluice.
Fresh calls have been made for the Government to step in and help small businesses with ever rising prices.

Waseem Mir, manager of the award-winning Harbour View in Seaton Sluice has seen prices rising beyond inflation.

He has written to his local MP Ian Levy asking him to raise the issue in the House of Commons.

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Fish and chips have been popular since the start of the 20th Century and the tradition of a wholesome family meal has survived two world wars and many recessions, but rising costs are threatening the future of Britain’s fish and chip shops.

Mr Mir has seen a massive increase in the price of fish of up to 115 per cent and coupled with rising cooking oil and batter flour prices, the humble fish and chip supper is in danger of being priced out of the market.

And the situation has become even worse with the huge increase in gas and electricity prices. Sanctions on Russian fishing fleets are also having a marked effect.

Mr Mir said: “Rather than increase our prices dramatically we have slightly reduced the sizes of our portions which are still larger than many other restaurants and takeaways.

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"My fear is that some less established family businesses will close resulting in job losses and we’ll all lose the tradition of having good quality food from the local fish shop.

“We’ve had a difficult two years with COVID and now this price rise isn’t helping business and I personally don’t feel that the government is helping us in any way.

"At the very least they should keep the VAT at the current reduced rate.

“I’m asking Mr Levy to raise this issue as a matter of urgency, and I’ve invited him to our restaurant to sample our food and discuss the problem.”

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Mr Levy said: "My office has received a letter from the Harbour View fish and chip shop in Seaton Sluice and we are writing to the two Government departments concerned, DEFRA and BEIS to ask if anything can be done about rising prices.

"The Harbour View is an excellent business and their fish and chips are delicious.

"I'd urge everybody to support them and other Blyth Valley businesses by eating local and shopping local.”

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