Leading family solicitor Jacqueline Emmerson returns to what she loves best

Jacqueline Emmerson first started to assist divorce and wills clients over thirty years ago and has helped thousands of clients since then. For the past few years, she has been Managing Director at Emmersons Solicitors, the firm she founded twenty-six years ago, which has offices in Sunderland and Newcastle. Whilst still dealing with a handful of cases, being MD meant a lot of her time was utilised on strategy and growth of the firm.
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After eight years of running the firm, the baton has been handed over to CEO Michael Robinson. He has brought a fantastic team to the firm by way of a Financial Director, Accounts Executive and appointing a Revenue Board.

This has meant that Jacqueline has been able to go back to helping clients, many of whom are business owners, property investors and professionals such as doctors and other lawyers. She has noticed a lot of kindness amongst her clients at times of great stress.

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“I have a number of clients who have not been able to see their children since separating from their partner or spouse. This is very distressing for them, but they do not want to pressurise their children at a time when their other parent is angry. One client said that whilst the couple could not make it work he had to reflect upon the fact that they were both good parents.”

Jacqueline EmmersonJacqueline Emmerson
Jacqueline Emmerson

Jacqueline advises, “It is really important to seek help quickly in relation to your children. If their other parent is preventing you from seeing them then the faster you take steps to change this, the better. Your children may be missing you terribly but are too frightened to speak up.

“Initially I would write to the other parent setting out proposals for my client to see their children. If this fails then a referral to mediation can often help. This can be a good chance for the couple to settle their grievances and come to terms with the end of their relationship. It often results in much better outcomes for the children. Overall only 5 per cent of our cases end up in court, which is a big win for all of those children out there waiting to see more of their parents.”

If you require any further advice contact Jacqueline Emmerson and her award winning team at [email protected]

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