Hosts thanked for helping Northumberland dog care business make great strides

Since taking over a dog care business three months ago, Barbara Frater and Caroline Bradshaw have seen their investment grow.

Monday, 9th December 2019, 4:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 2:25 pm
Barbara Frater (left) and Caroline Bradshaw (right) of Barking Mad dog care business.

To celebrate the success of Northumberland Barking Mad, they held a host community coffee morning to thank their hosts for their dedication, commitment and enthusiasm for their canine holiday visitors.

“Our hosts are a wonderful network of like-minded, dog loving people” say Barbara and Caroline, “and we have them to thank for providing such a high level of care for the dogs they look after whilst their owners are away.”

As well as the companionship of a friendly dog, hosts enjoyed meeting up with others socially to share their hosting tales.

They also watched a video presentation detailing their part in the growth of the business, and took part in a highly competitive team quiz, testing their knowledge of history, geography and of course, dogs.

“We have over 600 customers, and 40 hosts, who provide a home from home environment for the dogs in their temporary care,” said Caroline.

“It has been fabulous to be able to thank our hosts, who cover a range from Paxton to Whitley Bay, for caring so well for their doggy guests.”

Hosts also provide great feedback in the form of photos, texts and each dog takes home a postcard from their holiday, each of which are written by the host.

The hosts come from all walks of life and have a range of different dog experience but they all have so much in common and many have become friends outside their Barking Mad involvement.

Nationally, Barking Mad has 89 franchisees, with 21,000 customers and 3500 hosts, all offering home from home dog care.

Since becoming Barking Mad franchisees in September, the local business has continued to grow, with drivers covering over 18,000 miles.

“We do a lot of miles taking dogs to and from holiday destinations across the Northumberland region,” says Barbara, “so much so that we have bought another specially adapted vehicle in order to meet the demand for our services.”

To find out more about joining the Barking Mad Northumberland hosting community, you can call 01665 575981 or email [email protected]