Helping businesses spring back into market place after pandemic

Jason Knights, managing director of Blue Kangaroo Design.Jason Knights, managing director of Blue Kangaroo Design.
Jason Knights, managing director of Blue Kangaroo Design.
A unique event is aiming to help businesses get their brands back into the market place after the pandemic.

The North Tyneside Business Forum is inviting businesses from all across the North East to hear from and network with local start-ups and regional shining stars who will give business tips to help them “Spring Back to Business” at an event in Wallsend on 26 April.

Keynote speaker Jason Knights, managing director of Blue Kangaroo Design, a design agency that specialises in brand strategy, design, digital and retail.

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Jason will chronicle his path to success which started as a soldier in the British Army right up to working with some of the biggest brands on the planet including Lucas Film, The Walt Disney Company, NBC Universal Studios, Mattel, Tomy, Warner Bros.

Also speaking will be Chair of the North Tyneside Business Forum, Karen Goldfinch, owner of two businesses, Your Business Pilot and Made to Treasure and she will be sharing some of her “navigating your way to success tips”.

Workshops on “How photography can help you stand out in an online competitive marketplace” will be delivered by Lauren McWilliams from For You Photography while Mandy Barker from Sail Creative will discuss the core pillars of branding.

Karen Goldfinch said: “After a tough two years overcoming challenges, now is the time for business to spring back into the market place.”

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The event is free to North Tyneside Business Forum members and there is a small charge for others.

It will take place from 8.30am to noon, at Town Hall Chambers, High Street East, Wallsend.