Northumberland hotels with a Travellers' Choice award from TripAdvisor.

The 40 north Northumberland hotels to get Travellers' Choice awards from TripAdvisor

Travel over the past 15 months or so has looked different, to say the least.

We stayed a little closer to home, hit the open road, took to the great outdoors, and saw our own home towns in a new light.

And millions of travellers everywhere shared reviews and opinions based on those places and moments that left an impression.

The Travellers’ Choice award is the highest honour TripAdvisor can bestow.

Based on millions of reviews and opinions from travellers from around the world, this annual award recognises the very best tourism establishments in terms of service, quality, customer satisfaction and more, across a range of categories.

Here are the 40 hotels in north Northumberland to have won a 2021 Travellers’ Choice award.

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