Alncom teams up with US tech giant to deliver Gigabit-ready broadband to rural Northumberland

Alnwick-based Alncom has partnered with a US tech giant to deliver enhanced Gigabit-ready broadband to rural Northumberland.

Tuesday, 28th September 2021, 8:58 am
Alcom aims to deliver improved broadband in rural Northumberland.

It has teamed up with Adtran Inc, global network and communications experts, to help bridge the digital divide across the North East and Scottish Borders.

Knowing that broadband has the power to transform communities and economies, Alncom wanted to transform services beyond the 1.5 Mbps speeds their subscribers were currently accessing.

After securing private investment from Railsite Telecom and funding from the UK’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme to revolutionise broadband across its service area, to qualify, Alncom had to build a Gigabit-ready, full-fibre network and partnered with Adtran to find the right technology to complete the project.

Currently, Alncom is rolling out its FTTH network to some of the hardest to reach regions in the North East and UK, using the Adtran TA5000 solution.

“We’re committed to using innovative technology so that our subscribers can access state-of-the-art services. ADTRAN offers the right expertise, leadership and solutions to allow us to meet our goals,” said Stephen Pinchen, managing director at Alncom.

“Adtran helps us maintain a network and services that are reliable, fast and can be deployed cost-effectively. This enables our subscribers to connect to a network that can keep up with their daily activities and broadband demands today, and we’re confident we’ll still be able to support those needs as they grow in the future.”

He continued; “The Adtran solution is modular and extremely flexible, meaning that we can deploy gigabit and 10gig speeds down the same fibre cables, making it incredibly future proof.“

Stuart Broome, vice president of sales at Adtran added: “Adtran’s priority is helping every type of service provider find the right solutions to build their best networks.

"The beauty of our fibre solutions is that it enables service providers, like Alncom, to rapidly launch next-generation Gigabit internet services and benefit from a highly flexible FTTH architecture that is both reliable and easy to maintain.

“As subscribers’ demands on the network continue to increase, Alncom’s network will easily upgrade to deliver higher speeds and greater capacity to support new innovative services.”

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