Review: Alnwick Stage Musical Society make successful return with Cabaret on Broadway

Some events stay with you forever and I vividly remember sitting in Lindisfarne school in 2019 watching The Alnwick Stage Musical Society’s production of Cabaret on Broadway as if it were yesterday.

By Sue Simpson
Thursday, 31st March 2022, 1:00 pm
Cabaret on Broadway.
Cabaret on Broadway.

Why do I remember it? Not just because a production team had risen to the challenge of putting on a show in support of Alnwick Playhouse and to assist the fundraising of its refurbishment but because it was wonderful!

It was so good that I felt it should have been given the chance to display the talents to a bigger audience and on a larger stage. And tonight I went to see just that.

From the moment I opened the professional and informative programme, I knew this was going to be a show which not only displays talent, energy and enthusiasm but the love of theatre.

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Cabaret on Broadway.

Much care had been taken to ensure that the balance of numbers reflected the music of today with the melodies that made our hearts beat from a different era.

This care also enabled members of the ensemble to showcase their ability in the spotlight.

None of this could have been possible without the talents of Kellie Hughes and Leonie Airlie as directors. Their considerable talents on stage are surely matched with their ability to write the script and create the magic that is theatre.

The show follows the highs and lows of success and aspirations of a group of singers. It allows the balance of high-octane energy to meet the pathos and reflections of disappointment with equal thoughtfulness.

The marvellous compere, Peter Brown brought his own brand of outrageous style to the mix and the audience loved it. Peter and the band were the backbone of the evening.

Thirty two songs and showstoppers entertained or two exhilarating hours. The choreography by Kellie, Leonie and Lynne Lambert kept us all enthralled and wishing we could join in. And by the end some people did!

Of course, what is a musical without the singing.

The ability to catch and hold the attention of an audience is the aim of any performer.

To become a character of fiction takes not only talent but also needs confidence, courage and hard work.

All of these elements were here tonight.

All of the singers are to be praised for their interpretations of their songs.

I felt for Tallulah (Melanie Grey) and was so relieved when “Billie Flynn” (Stuart Archer) shows her how to “Razzle Dazzle”, Chicago style. Stuart also showed his versatility by accompanying the amazing Arlene Cadman in, “I Remember it well”

I wanted Lynne Lambert to get the parts in the audition after hearing “Broadway Baby” and Gary Brown’s luck will change and he will get a part. They all made me believe in their characters.

From” Raise your Voice” through to” The Greatest show” the upbeat company numbers were fabulous.

The singing of the multi-talented Leonie and Kellie, the melodious voice of Peter Biggers, the driving force of Matthew Winter, the depth of singing from all of the cast were wrapped around the quieter numbers.

And the beautiful rendition of “As if we never said Goodbye” by Diane Maughan will stay with me long after the show has stopped.

Another brilliant show from The Alnwick Stage Music Society!