Andy Parsons is coming to Hexham as part of his stand-up tour

Andy Parsons is bringing his new stand-up tour to Hexham.

Saturday, 12th October 2019, 11:00 am
Andy Parsons' new show, Healing the Nation.

The comedian, who was a fixture on Mock the Week for years, is on a mission with his tour – to heal this divided nation.

He is now calling time on the negativity that reverberates on this split island with his new show – Healing The Nation.

Happy to be known as a political comedian, Andy has never shirked from putting the opinions he expresses on stage into full practice.

He has hosted People’s Votes rallies, including one in Parliament Square to over 100,000 people, and fronted the Independent Age’s most recent Campaign Against Loneliness.

He also created the Slacktivist Action Group podcast, in which he chatted to comics like Josh

Widdicombe and Angela Barnes, and politicians such as David Lammy and Peter Hain.

The show will be on at the Queen's Hall Arts Centre in Hexham, on Wednesday, December 4, at 8pm.