The Heist: Detectives determined to track down Northumberland 'thieves'

Detectives Sue Hill and Ray Howard are back for the new series of The Heist.

Friday, 6th March 2020, 1:15 pm
Updated Friday, 6th March 2020, 1:16 pm
The Heist detectives, Sue Hill and Ray Howard.
The Heist detectives, Sue Hill and Ray Howard.

The show, which airs on Sky One and NOW TV from Thursday, February 6, will see if a team of detectives can catch a group of ‘thieves’ who broke into a fictional Alnwick bank and made off with £1 million.

How does it feel to be returning for the second series of The Heist?

Ray: I’m really looking forward to the second series, we know it will be tough because the thieves will have undoubtedly learnt from the mistake made by those in Series 1.

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Did you learn anything from the first series that will help you catch the thieves this time around?

Ray: I think in Series 1 we learnt that the criminals were very smart with regards to the places that they hid the loot. We are definitely going to be very focused on that this time - there were times last year when we were feet from the money without ever knowing it. We need to make sure we take every opportunity to use search techniques and technology in order to find any money quickly and put people out of the game.

Sue: We learnt from the last series how communities stick together. I won’t be trusting any nice ‘little old ladies’ who lied through their teeth to assist the thieves. So shocked that decent people could look me in the eye and tell blatant lies.

What do you know about the local community or Alnwick?

Ray: Alnwick looks like an absolutely beautiful place, a lot of history around there and I think a very close community. I’m hoping that not everyone will be on the side of the crooks and we’ll get some support from those who don’t want Alnwick people associated with such criminal activity!

Sue: I’ve spoken to a lot of friends who have visited Alnwick. I understand the locals are warm and very welcoming. They are understandably very proud of their beautiful surroundings.

What can the new batch of thieves expect from your team this series?

Ray: The team are ready and raring to go, we have some of the most awesome law enforcement professionals from all over the country with a mountain of expertise, specialist knowledge and skills. They’ll all be on top form and will be doing everything they can to get a clean sheet and track down all of the criminals.

Sue: This time we know what to expect. We are even more driven to nail all the thieves. We have some new detectives who have new innovative ideas and this team is ready to take on the thieves of Alnwick.

What new methods of police surveillance are being used this series that you think will give you that extra edge in catching the thieves?

Ray: All I’ll say is that you may find we have become a little more tech savvy for this series.