Laughs galore in truly memorable show

Enthusiastic youngsters from Rock Hall School served up a tasty treat of a production on Tuesday, with their mouthwatering showing of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

And catchy music, a granny with glamour, a suave wolf with appetite and laughs galore were all on the menu in this superb performance at Alnwick Playhouse.

Some real stand-out performances from the children helped make this traditional story retold by Roald Dahl a recipe for success, although everyone on stage played their part.

Charlotte Desborough (Little Red Riding Hood) and Hollie White (Big Blue Walking Hat) gave assured performances, while Joe Bennett, as the wolf, excelled as the bad guy, oozing charisma, but with a much-needed evil side.

Hal Burke, Elizabeth McLean and Daisy Armstrong were excellent as the three pigs.

But, perhaps, the night belonged to William Pettifer, who played the granny.

Complete with a sparkly dress, fake bust, oversized wig, make-up and high-heel shoes, Pettifer gave a truly entertaining performance.

The time when he tried to steal the limelight during a dance routine was probably the funniest moment, sparking much laughter and applause from the audience.

But the comedy didn’t end there. The jokes came thick and fast, with some gags of local relevance – including a poke at the high petrol prices in Alnwick – thrown in for good measure.

Other funny moments included the wolf needing an (oversized) asthma inhaler to help him huff and puff and blow the house down.

It all contributed to making it a really enjoyable show, and every child on stage did themselves and the school proud.

Cast: Charlotte Desborough, Hollie White, Joe Bennett, William Pettifer, Hal Burke, Elizabeth McLean, Daisy Armstrong, Grace James, Evie Sharp, Archie Lang, Taylor Tuer, Lily Warren, Theodore Smalley, Ben Riley, Ben Bridgeman, Ella Holland, Ben Pettifer, Charles Lang, Edward James, Henry Armstrong, Holly Desborough, Ida Bridgemen, Jack Fletcher, Jordane Robinson, Laura Murphy, Matilda Smalley, Tadgh Burke, William Young, Theo James, Angus Armstrong, Archie Cook, Rory Lang, Amelia Manners, Angelina Faraco, Martha Sharp, Maia Robinson, Pandora Barnes.

by James Willoughby