Gospels inspire new piece of music

The Alistair Anderson Band
The Alistair Anderson Band

A new piece of music, inspired by The Lindisfarne Gospels and the island where hey were created, has been written by a renowned north Northumberland musician.

Alistair Anderson was commissioned by Rev Paul Collins, vicar of St Mary’s Church, Holy Island, to create the work to honour the ancient manuscript going on display in Durham this year.

Entitled A Lindisfarne Gospel and played by the Alistair Anderson Band, it weaves flowing melodies on fiddles, Northumbrian pipes, harp, concertina and cello into musical textures that reflect the complex intertwining designs of the Gospels and mirror the wide-skied landscapes of Lindisfarne.

Following successful performances on Holy Island and in Durham in the summer, a CD recording of A Lindisfarne Gospel was released at the start of the month, on White Meadow Records. Anderson, from Whittingham, said: “I have drawn on the musical vocabulary of Northumbrian tradition in the hope of creating a piece that honours both the Gospels and the people, who, for generations, have nurtured this corner of the north.”

Anderson has taken the music of Northumberland around the world for close to five decades, appearing on TV, radio and in concert.

The CD is available from www.alistairanderson.com for £7, plus £1 p&p.